services offered

Surgery for inguinal hernia, hydrocoele, undescended testes, umbilical hernia, tongue tie, hypospadias, appendicitis and enlarged lymph nodes.

Circumcision (medical, social and religious)

Comprehensive endoscopy service that includes upper GI endoscopy, colonscopy, cystoscopy, bronchoscopy and related procedures

Abdominal surgery (including laparoscopy)

Head and neck surgery

Gallbladder surgery

Thoracic Surgery (including thoracoscopy)

Neonatal surgery

Paediatric urology: Vesico ureteric reflux, urinary tract infection, kidney stones, hydronephrosis and urodynamic studies

Consultation for antenatally diagnosed foetal abnormalities

Bowel motility problems

Investigation for Inflammatory bowel disease

Investigation for Coeliac disease

Investigation for Abdominal pain

Investigation for gastro-oesophageal reflux

Paediatric gynaecology

Anal and peri-anal diseases

Referrals are accepted for children under 18 years by S&R, EDI, fax and email.

Referrals for Rotorua are accepted through Hamilton office.